Top 5 Branded Watch Are Best For Man According To Buddet

It is not that without the Rolex Watch, the desire of stylish and branded watches cannot be fulfilled. If you want to look stylish and fashionable over time, you can wear this kind of watch. These Best Branded Men's Watch are available online only in your budget.

You can get this Mens Watch for 500-1000 rupees. Accordingly, buying a branded watch at such a low price is not a difficult task. These are not only true to the budget, but are also strong in terms of style and fashion. That is, it will give you a strong look and can be worn with both formal and casual dress.

Sonata Analog Multicolor Dial Men's Watch.

This watch of Sonata may be liked at first sight. This watch with a black leather belt will look absolutely cool on men's wrists. It can be worn with formal and semi formal dress.
Price- 550 Rs

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Sonata Super Fibre Analog Black Dial Watch.

If you want a sporty look, try a watch like this. This can give you a casual look. It would be better to wear this watch with a casual dress, so do not try with a formal dress.
Price- 575 Rs

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Timex Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch.

If you want a brown colored leather belt watch, wear it. This watch can be worn openly with both formal and casual dress. Its blue color dial is also enough to attract anyone.
Price- 900 Rs

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Sonata Yuva Analog Black Dial Men's Watch.

Black dial watch looks very attractive. Anyway, something in black looks perfect on the wrist. This watch of Sonata will be right for you.
Price- 875 Rs

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Fastrack Casual Analog Navy Blue Dial Men's Watch.

If you do not want to wear a leather or cloth belt watch, then the silver colored metal watch will be perfect. After wearing this watch, everyone's eye will go on your wrist.
Price - 1320 Rs

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